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About Us

        Taylors International Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing each of our clients with the best in service and support.
Safety is at the top of the list in everything we do at Taylors. We are firmly committed to HSE – and our continuing focus on
Health and Safety issues is at the core of our business. Therefore, Taylors is proud to introduce a completely NON-TOXIC
Broad Spectrum Biocide. Simply use SNiPER in place of other chemical disinfectants to effectively and safely remove
offensive odors, dangerous bacterium, viruses, and fungi. SNiPER utilizes revolutionary technology which selectively seeks
and destroys the organism and only activates “on demand.” This allows SNiPER to be used both in remediation and prevention
of recurring contamination.
    • Broadest Efficacy
    • Lowest Toxicity
    • Easiest Application
    • Safe for humans, animals & plants
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Superior odor eliminator
        SNiPER destroys these threats and many others without downtime. Your employees will have a healthier place to work and
live. Positive results include preventing bacterial, fungal and viral contamination with efficiency and ease. A SNiPER misting
system will treat HVAC systems and circulate SNiPER throughout the air ducts.  TIS technicians will service your facility by
testing microbial contamination, disinfecting living quarters, and cleaning and disinfecting HVAC systems.
Please visit us at for more information about wonderful services we provide.

SNiPER is non-toxic to humans, animals and plants, but lethal to micro organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and foul odor.
So don't tolerate them – eliminate them with amazing accuracy using SNiPER, the ideal biocide.
To inquire about our Offshore HVAC services,
please call 337 234-5558.